Two Tone Gold Buyers takes pride in providing our clients with truly HIGH quality service, HIGH level of courtesy, professionalism, and HIGH payments whether you are a retail establishment or an individual seller. We pay Cash for Gold. You will get TOP DOLLAR for your unwanted, worn or broken jewelry. We will pay you EXTRA CASH for usable diamonds or gem stones that are already set in your old jewelry.
Why deal with your local gold buyer who will offer you pennies on the dollar when you can deal with us, a TRUSTED COMPANY, with more than 35 years on 47th street, and one who will pay you TOP DOLLAR for your gold. Let us turn your old Gold into Cash today!
  If your gold & jewelry is worth over
$1000. We will give you a $20 rebate toward parking & transportation

   Highest Prices Paid  
   Licensed Legitimate Buyer  
   35 Years in Business  
   No Haggle/ No Pressure  


  Address: 47 West 47th St. First level - Booth# 26, New York, NY 10036 l Email:
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